About Mindful Vibes:

Welcome to Mindful Vibes! Everyone wants to improve his/her/their whole-body wellness. As a society, we are becoming healthier physically and we are awakening to the negative effects of stress, but how do we improve our wellness while combating life’s daily obstacles? By living a mindful life and learning how to elevate our vibrations!

Here, we hope to create a space where people can connect and learn about practical and research-supported ways to improve wellness, either through simple tips we learn through life or through research we learn in school. Being mindful impacts how we eat, sleep, move, and how we interact with our emotions and the world around us. This is a platform where we hope to share our wellness journey, grow with others, and advocate for better access to wellness spaces. By finding joyful ways to incorporate better living into our lives we can begin to learn together, build together, and heal together. Through this platform, we will help heal our communities and improve our overall quality of life!

About Us:

Tori and Kylie met while attending Xavier University.  They are sorority sisters and have grown to understand each other as kindred spirits. Both graduated with bachelor degrees in Psychology with a focus on Natural Science (Pre-med).  Tori is currently enrolled in a Clinical Psychology doctoral program with a concentration on Health Psychology. Kylie is currently enrolled in a program studying alternative medicine. Together they created a space where they can discuss the thing they are most passionate about, holistic wellness. From our eating habits to the way we think, all energies play a role in our overall health. It is time to take charge of our wellness. Let’s do it together.

*This platform only reflects our personal views. All posts are strictly our opinion or for educational means and should not be considered medical advice. Always seek out professional medical or mental health advice when considering new health information and major life changes.*

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